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A division of a 2009 founded Australian Accounting Practice aimed to provide readers with useful health information built on outdoor Long distance running, Yoga, Nutrition and Social Media Content review. The Website founder is a widely experienced Professional Accountant with nearly two decades of post qualifications experience in International Commerce, a fitness enthusiast, husband and father of two. He has comprehensive understanding of stress induced obesity and its adverse impacts on families. With a successful track record of achieving widely acknowledged life changing personal weight loss of over 25 kilograms spread progressively over a two year period on a self help basis in Australia, he hopes that quality content on this website is likely to motivate busy people make informed choices about managing their individual health. Blogs in this website are built on significant volumes of historical verifiable data in social media converted into easy to understand knowledge and life changing wisdom for the 24/7 knowledge economy of the present and future.

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Slow Changes in our Current Eating Habits and Lifestyle can deliver Peace of Mind through Health and Financial Security with limited reliance on Gymnasiums, Health Clubs and Personal trainers. A healthy eating habit can easily be sustained not only during our daily working lives but also during transition phases of changing jobs, relocation, travel, retirement and other commonly known life changing events. Without getting inundated with a wide range of freely and widely available Nutrition information, one needs to carefully examine what works best for each individual body frame and age group with focus on regular balanced diet and nutrition.

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A wide range of fitness bands and smart devices are available at affordable costs to keep us consistently informed about calories intake, calories burnt, sleeping pattern and inter-related health information. The key to success lies in our ability to be constantly motivated in our efforts to not only carefully monitor results periodically but also ensure that once desirable results are achieved, we do not loose interest in our health maintenance plan for the future post achievement of results. The major challenge widely accepted in fitness industry lies in maintaining healthy body weight after achieving a healthy transformation as the risk of regaining weight never goes away completely.

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Combined Human and  Artificial Intelligence Give Results

RQA is a 2009 formed boutique Accounting Practice. An unfortunate incident of break in and vandalism in its then business premises of 2010 triggered extensive Civil litigation in the Australian Supreme Court of New South Wales initiated by its business financier led the business owner to look at available options of improving deteriorating personal fitness while managing litigation matters to the best of available resources on a self help basis.

With no experience in weight loss , challenging resource constraints, and pressing family commitments a tough decision was made of introducing a new personal fitness training plan within local business hours adaptable to changed working and family life commitments in Australia. Looking back in time we have achieved professional weight loss industry results widely appreciated in social media by real people from diverse background which we could certainly never have imagined at the start of new journey.

Consistency, Commitment to Life Goals, Innovation and Prompt stakeholder communication with minimum hassles easily differentiates us from our competitors. Besides a track record of high achievements academically and significant value addition to the Global Accounting Profession, we believe that our ability to interact with diverse people in person or via Social Media, Technical Skills and ongoing upgrades in knowledge provide us with Unique Competitive Advantage in today's digitised world.

"Under Promise" and "Over Deliver" has been a long term philosophy  of our founders and we have managed to delight all our relevant stakeholders well beyond their expectations to the best of of our resources and time.



Next Steps...

Please visit the Blog Section of this website for a review of our past experiences. We regularly share updates of our fitness activities on other social media platforms with a view to constantly motivate our followers, family, friends and supporters and gain people feedback.