Our Story

RQA like most modern day start ups commenced business operations in Australia in 2009 on a limited budget and challenging personal commitments of its founders. It went through some extremely challenging times contributing to unhealthy quality of life of its founders leading to initial foundations of this health blog website sometime in 2013. The founder's sustained efforts in Health, Wellness and Weigh Loss Industry led to widely acclaimed results in what is popularly known as "Body Transformation" Just like the Accounting Industry, we believe that personal health and wellness is best achieved by learning from experiences of people who have already been through the difficulties which a lot of people are experiencing today. It is our hope that readers will enjoy reading our blogs and feel motivated to duplicate results achieved by us.

Our Philosophy

RQA Stands for Reliability and Quality Assurance within our means and resources. We believe in delivering Sustainable Value for our stakeholders, supporters, family, friends, associates and clients. This underlying philosophy has guided our primary business services arm in the past and we firmly believe it will continue to do so in our interconnected health division with users immensely benefiting from the quality of our blogs built on strong foundations of theory and practice in the global Health and Wellness Industry.

Meet the Player

Shripat Surana is an Accountant by trade with nearly two decades of post qualifications work experience gained in Globally Reputed Companies, Family Business Operators, Associations, Clubs and Not For Profit Entities. He has played a wide range of sports in his early school days and has keen academic interest in the global health and wellness Industry. Shripat has read a wide range of books, digital content and other Medical and Non medical publications on a wide range of topics like Plant based Nutrition, Yoga, Eating Disorder, Obesity, Strength Training, Work-Life Balance and  Mental Health. Most recently Shripat successfully coached an under 12 boys Junior cricket team on a voluntary basis which won a Sydney District Level tournament competing against eight competing  teams of similar skills level. A team player with proven track record of success in a wide range of work and personal life,  your player will provide all possible support within his limited means and time through quality content on this website saving you the hassles of multiple web searches in the comfort of your own spare time.



Next Steps...

We will keep you posted on our latest Blogs as we build this site. In the meantime please visit our founder's latest updates on other micro blogging social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.