Home Cooked Meals in Fitness ~ Working People Perspective


Blog Courtesy of Mrs. Savita Surana BCom FCA

Healthier than packaged and ordered food

Fresh ingredients used in cooking at home are always better than food ordered from outside or packed meals requiring only heatingĀ  or minimal cooking. These may be faster but definitely not healthier than home cooked food. Cooking at home helps you learn about more nutritional foods and recipes for a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

You know your ingredients

Outside food and prepacked meals have high sodium, sugar and fat and are high in calories whereas when you prepare food at home you know exactly what has gone in to prepare it. You can substitute unhealthy ingredients, modify and create your own recipes as per your nutritional requirement. Home cooked food will always be more nutritious than commercially prepared food.

You can control the size of your portions

Commercially prepared food can have larger portions than necessary and you could end up eating more than required just to finish what you have bought. This can be avoided when you eat at home with your family members (leftovers can be used the next day).

Feel good factor when the family eats together

You really feel good when family gets together at dinner table and discuss various things including appreciation of your cooked food and the efforts involved. It is hard managing cooking for the whole family working full time but I have always cooked dinner at home as each of us including kids prefer having homemade food rather than an ordered food (except on some special occasions). Both of them are High School students and know the importance of health and fitness and the importance of fresh food over processed food. It was therefore not difficult for me to get them to have homemade food (given a choice they would always want food cooked by their mum over any fast food or restaurant food).

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