Managing Stress in Body Fat Loss Plan

Stress to most of us is possibly the new normal in majority of our work and personal lives regardless of our residency in any part of the globe. It is a term commonly used to describe abnormal human responses or reactions to life situations which force us to react contrary to normal expectations. Life Stressful situations for instance financial losses, health concerns, marriage breakdown, parenting issues, breakdown in family ties and social connections etc. can present themselves in a whole variety of complex ways and no standard formula or template can possibly provide us with an exhaustive list of all adversities and counter strategies to deal or cope with every situation.

One easily recognisable feature of stress is life is no longer normal as it existed before the occurrence of the specific stressful event. We are in a state of constant mental anxiety manipulating situations and outcomes to the best of our limited resources at different points of time, some of which possibly are least likely to happen while others which were possibly never  anticipated begin to happen making us stronger or more vulnerable before the occurrence of the event.


It will be an absolute waste of time in stating that stress has no psychological or physical impact on us. There is a universal agreement by all experts in Psychology that stress negatively impacts our body’s chemical processes and functions such as digestive, respiratory, nervous and muscular. It leads to sleeping disorders ultimately triggering unhealthy cycles of excessive eating, sugar craving, alcohol & drug abusive, gambling etc. and a whole variety of social problems costing a huge slice of taxpayer funds to be spent on fixing problems which should never have arisen in the first place.

While Stress has been proven to adversely disrupt normal body functions beyond a reasonable doubt, there is always hope to end it with intelligent and calm decision making with an end goal in mind and a wide range of pathways to achieve results. The key to maintaining a consistent trend of positive mindset when faced with challenging life situations lies in our inner mental skills and abilities to stay motivated and energised throughout the difficult journey of life.

Whereas it is arguable to state that each one of us are faced with different set of circumstances and situations and there is no universal solution to all sorts of stressful situations, one factor which is perhaps common to most people who have been hugely successful in stress management is reasonable level of strong discipline and consistency. Stress is nothing but a state of mind clouding our brains with a narrow range of negative emotions such as anger, frustration, distrust, anxiety, guilt, shame and self-doubt which needs to be countered by a wider range of positive emotions such as happiness, positive mind, self-belief, enthusiasm, passion and sense of humour for us to stay consistently motivated towards our goals. While forms, descriptions and models of stress management in psychological studies are variable and presented differently by different experts, our state of mind is personal and can be controlled through simple easy to use techniques practised consistently over a long period of time. In my personal view, it is impossible in our life time to completely eliminate stress, but it can surely be regulated to eliminate its risk of disrupting normal human life.


Having reviewed and read a wide variety of books in the areas of Trauma, Stress, Nutrition, Diet, Happiness and related Health impact, I have understood that stress management is not a science of numbers but rather a fine mental skill developed through practice and continuous learning in our daily lives. While some people may immensely benefit from a detailed study of widely published literature to gain a deeper understanding of the fascinating ways in which we humans firstly cultivate stress in our minds and subsequently find methods to eliminate stress and loose health in the process, I have realised that one needs to develop his/her own personally tailored plan to beat stress. A helpful checklist extracted from Don Joseph Goeway’s book “The End of Stress-Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain” lists a wide range of self-assessed strengths finding tool split into eight broad divisions which can be used to initially estimate our individual strengths to be later applied in practice for enhanced stress management techniques to not only counter life stress but also to achieve clearly defined Business, Family, Health and Financial Goals.

Personal Strength Finding Tool / Checklist


A vast majority of working population find it difficult to allocate time towards reading e books or listening to podcasts or live streaming of content easily accessible on our smart phones. The problem mostly experienced by technology savvy people is not the scarcity of content but rather the abundance and irrelevance of content to personal goals. In my personal experience, a lengthy result oriented outdoor body transformation and maintenance plan demands a simple yet effective integration of music content feeding our brains regularly to keep us motivated and lessen the mental burden associated with the need to constantly stretch ourselves to achieve more within the limited time frame. Finding the right mix of content and sticking to what works best for us is a fool proof way of making steady progress which can be sustained in the long term. I have always reminded myself of the fact that what I can achieve in a stress free environment is vastly different to what I will deliver in a stressful environment and the easiest way to beat mental weakness in achieving our self-help goals is music.


Body transformation or Unhealthy Fat Loss these days is possibly the most glossy and hot selling content on social media as more and more people gain deeper knowledge and understanding of its benefits in the limited duration of our stay on this planet. Disease prevention and elimination awareness through body transformation and maintenance is within the reach of any average person with limited resources provided a reasonably deeper and wider knowledge is gained of the journey which lies and which will deliver inner happiness, satisfaction and peace not only to us but also our interconnected family, friends, associates and acquaintances. Simple clicking the like button of celebrity body transformation story lines and before and after pictures is the not the same as actually embarking on a journey the self-help way. The art of stress management has to be learnt with discipline and practised week after week, month after month and year after year before we are in a position to post our own before and after pictures. In the meantime let us continue to like posts of people who have achieved success in possibly the most difficult of all circumstances in the hope that one fine day it will be our turn to post pictures with pride and a great sense of achievement.


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