Health and Fitness

Body Transformation

This project involved a continuous focus on achieving fitness results for all our stakeholders within challenging resource constraints entirely on a self help basis. With peak body weight perilously hanging around the 100 Kilograms mark in Mid 2013 driven by stressful workplace issues, the dream of first loosing a whopping 25% of body fat and subsequently maintaining a healthy weight over a sustained period of time looked almost impossible to achieve in the beginning.  The project required strong mental focus, regular fitness data analysis through smartphone, diet modifications and a new work-life balance not previously experienced in the last two decades.



Books and Social Media Content Review

Self Help Projects demand continuous academic learning, practical implementation and data reviews best achieved by carefully planning ahead and investing reasonable time in regular academic learning. One of the easiest means to achieve this objective is to undertake a structured course in fitness and nutrition if possible. Alternatively ongoing reading of content widely available on the Internet, Social Media Platforms, Books, Magazines and Public Libraries provide knowledge which is possibly the most vital component of efficiently managing a self help project.