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We provide health related information in an easy to use, analyse and understand Plain English built on substantial real world experiences gained by our founder as part of  his recent achievements in Fitness, Health and Weight Loss Industry while parenting and working in Australia.

Fitness Data Analysis

In today's era of Smart Gadgets, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud servers, simple glance at your gadget figures without understanding finer points of Statistical trends can lead to misinformed decision making of vital health related information. Our Fitness data analysis tips is built on Strong Accounting Foundations and will help readers better understand the real meaning hiding behind numbers.

Online Content and Books Review

A Blogging service is incomplete without demonstrating wider knowledge and understanding of others point of view in global fitness and health Industry. We aim to provide blog readers with our personal opinion on quality content easily available on the Internet, Books and Magazines built on foundations of  our real experience gained in practice.  We firmly believe that individual goals can easily be achieved through a systematic and consistent implementation of knowledge gained in Theory into Practice.

Fit Bodies Give us Better Minds to Deliver More

Regular training personalised to our individual body frames combined with healthy eating, rest and relaxation can deliver health benefits easily achievable by most of us without necessarily spending a fortune and working harder than necessary. What is needed is a progressive change of mindset sustainable over a long period of time. Over indulgence in fitness combined with excessive diet control can lead to other side effects, boredom and inability to achieve realistic fitness goals. The road to a successful body transformation is very bumpy when we start and keeps getting smoother and easier as we acquire new skills and gain more experience and understanding of body changes.

Statistical Analysis and Interpretation is Vital

Data analysis in the comfort of your own spare time will help make informed choices about the state of our health and well being. Numbers unlike language are cold and straightforward and hit us hard much to our dislikes particularly in the beginning of our new journey to optimum fitness. The danger for people with modest mathematical skills is "misinterpretation of data" particularly those produced by gadgets at the very moment of completion of routine. To be really good in these aspects of fitness, it is vital that a manual or electronic log of all activities, time and distance is maintained on a weekly basis and intelligent trend analysis performed periodically to realistically understand individual progress.

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