Helpful Reference Books towards a Fit You

Our Recent past has witnessed an increasing trend for a vast majority of middle age professionals to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle with fitter and leaner bodies. Such expectations mean constant awareness of advancements in nutrition, fitness and health industry backed by decent quality of academic knowledge, experience, personalised training and constant motivation with a view to achieve personal fitness goals and mitigate risks naturally associated with human ageing process.

I recently had the opportunity to upgrade my past knowledge through regular and enthusiastic involvement in physical training and disciplined studies in the field of Nutrition, Disease-Prevention and General Health Maintenance backed by a Personalised Diet plan.

Whereas it is impossible to write a detailed blog encompassing every aspect of my highly successful and widely appreciated DIY ( Do It Yourself ) weight loss and strength training plan (Lost a whopping 25% of my past unhealthy accumulated body fat in 2013), I thought the least which can be done from a knowledge sharing perspective is to prepare a list of book references.

Besides hard cover books given below, which require no formal introduction in terms of knowledge enhancement and sharing, there have been a wide variety of other resources such as Social Media Posts, Television Episodes and Word of Mouth and other learning opportunities from widely acknowledged fitness/health Industry experts and personal friends who cannot be thanked enough for contributing to my success in some way or the other.

Wishing you all the very best in achieving your own personal health goals. As a general disclaimer, the author of this blog does not hold any certifications from local health or fitness industry and readers must consider their own personal circumstances carefully before starting any fitness program.


1. Campbell, C. T., Campbell, T. M. and Rudnicki (2007) The China Study: The most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted. United States: Audio Literature.

2. Chopra, D. (2014) What are you hungry for? The Chopra solution to permanent weight loss, well-being and lightness of soul. London: Rider Books.

3. Costin, C. (1999) The eating disorder Sourcebook: A comprehensive guide to the causes, treatments and prevention of eating disorders. 2nd edn. Los Angeles, CA: McGraw-Hill Contemporary.

4. Creek, J. and Lougher, L. (2011) Occupational therapy and mental health. United Kingdom: Churchill Livingstone Title.

5. Crimmins, B. and Harvey, P. (2012) Blokes’ health 2: A doctor’s guide to the 3Ds, depression, diabetes and dicks! Melbourne: Wilkinson Publishing.

6. DC, M. and Moore, P. (2012) The posture doctor: The art and science of healthy posture. United Kingdom: Ecademy Press.

7. Digest, R. (2007) 1801 home remedies: Trustworthy treatments for everyday health problems. Australia: Reader’s Digest (Australia) Pty.

8. Digest, R., Dolezal, R. and Editors, R. D. (2006) Fight back with food: Use nutrition to heal what ails you. Edited by Editors of Reader’s Digest. United States: Reader’s Digest Association.

9. Elkington, J. and Hailes, J. (1999) The new foods guide: What’s here, what’s coming, what it means for us. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

10. Gillies, E. and Garcia, L. (2006) 101 ways to burn fat on the ball: Lose weight with fun Cardio and Body-Sculpting moves! (ways to workout). Gloucester, MA: Fair Winds Press.

11. Goewey, D. J. (2014) The stress solution an Eight-week program to Rewire your brain for success. United States: Atria Books/Beyond Words.

12. Hark, L. and Deen, D. (2007) Nutrition: The definitive Australian guide to eating for good health. Edited by Ruth Riddell. Australia: Dorling Kindersley Australia.

13. Hasselbeck, E. (2009) The g-free diet: A gluten-free survival guide. New York: Center Street.

14. Henwood, B. (1998) The fat fighter. Sydney: Pan Australia.

15. Hever, J. and Hever, M. (2011) The complete idiot’s guide to plant-based nutrition. New York, NY: Alpha Books.

16. Iyengar, B. K. S. (2001) Yoga: The path to holistic health. Edited by Daphne Razazan. London: Dorling Kindersley Publishers.

17. Junger, A. and Junger, ro (2012) Clean gut: The breakthrough plan for eliminating the root cause of disease and revolutionizing your health. 1st edn. New York: HarperCollins Publishers.

18. Kamhi, E., Zampieron, E. R. and Zampierson, E. R. (2006) Alternative medicine definitive guide to arthritis: Reverse underlying causes of arthritis with clinically proven alternative therapies. 2nd edn. United States: Ten Speed Press.

19. Kaplan, H. I., Sadock, M. D., Sadock, V. A. and Sadock, B. J. (2001) Kaplan & Sadock’s pocket handbook of clinical psychiatry. 3rd edn. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

20. Kenley, J. and Arpels, J. C. (1999) Whose body is it anyway? Smart alternative and traditional health choices for your total well-being. 1st edn. New York: Newmarket Press,U.S.

21. Lavie, C. J. (2014) The obesity paradox: When thinner means sicker and heavier means healthier. Australia: Scribe Publications.

22. Lavie, C. J. and Loberg, K. (2014) Obesity paradox: When thinner means sicker and heavier means healthier. United States: Hudson Street Press (an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc).

23. Lipski, E. (2011) Digestive wellness: Strengthen the immune system and prevent disease through healthy digestion. 4th edn. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing.

24. Mahatyagi, R. D. (2009) Yatan yoga therapy: A natural guide to longevity and vitality. Sydney: Yatan Ayurvedics.

25. Marsh, P. (ed.) (1994) The Marshall Cavendish encyclopedia of personal relationships: Human behavior. New York: Marshall Cavendish Corp.

26. Mckenna, P. and Neill, M. (2005) I can make you thin (book and CD). London: Bantam Press.

27. Payment, S. (2009) What happens to your body when you run. 1st edn. New York, NY: Rosen Publishing Group, Incorporated, The.

28. Peters, D. and Woodham, A. (2000a) The natural health complete guide to integrative medicine: The best combinations of Alternat.. 1st edn. New York: D. Kindersley.

29. Rabow, M. W., McPhee, S. J. and Papadakis, M. A. (2011) CURRENT medical diagnosis and treatment 2011. 50th edn. Stamford, CT: Lange Medical Publications.

30. School, H. M. (2001) The sensitive gut. 1st edn. United States: Simon & Schuster.

31. Sharp, T. J. (2014) Happiness handbook: Strategies for a happy life. Australia: Finch Publishing.

32. Sutcliffe, J., Gelb, D. E., Jarvis, S. and Digest, R. (2013) Back bible: Prevent and heal back, neck, and shoulder problems from arthritis to sciatica. White Plains, NY: Reader’s Digest (Australia) Pty.

33. Swan, N. (2004) Health minutes: Up-to-date information on topical health issues from ABC Newsradio. Australia: ABC Books, Sydney.

34. Thorne, G. (2007) Treadfit: 9 weeks to your ultimate body using a treadmill or elliptical. Canada: Kennedy, Robert Publishing.

35. Turnbull, G. (2011) Trauma: From Lockerbie to 7/7: How trauma affects our minds and how we fight back. London: Bantam Books (Transworld Publishers a division of the Random House Group).

36. Vallings, R. (2012) Chronic fatigue syndrome M.E.: Symptoms, diagnosis, management. New Zealand: Calico Publishing.

37. Viljoen, W. (2007) Weight training handbook (UK edition). United Kingdom: New Holland Publishers.

38. Wentz, D., Wentz, M. and Wallace, D. K. (2011) The healthy home: Simple truths to protect your family from hidden household dangers. New York: Vanguard Press.

39. Yeager, S. (2011) The men’s health big book of 15-minute workouts: A leaner, stronger, more muscular you – in Half the time!United States: Rodale Press.

40. Young, J. (2001) Acupressure: Simple steps to health: Discover your body’s power points for health and relaxation. London: Thorsons.

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