Why we Love Saving You Medical Costs through our Blogs (and you should love reading blogs)

Medical along with Energy and Grocery Costs occupy our maximum time and resources for majority of our lives. It is therefore important that we understand the correlation between Medical and other easy to manage expense heads in forward planning, execution and control of major deviations from acceptable household budget. It is easy to argue that there are far better and bigger things in our lives and careers to focus our attention on rather than trivial issues of common household bills, but paying a little extra attention to detail, on simple manageable things in our lives can deliver sustainable long-term savings which can be invested elsewhere to improve our lifestyle.

In the recent past, I can easily claim, albeit with minor inconveniences to have successfully managed medical costs to reasonable levels within my costs responsibility domain, which at one point of time were ominously tracking to get blown out of control driven by sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.  An illustrative list of commonly known medical costs in a typical household of 2 adults and 2 school going children is given below:

  • Private Health Insurance Premiums
  • Travel Costs and Loss of time for visiting General Medical Practioners
  • Increased energy bills due to sickness
  • Absenteeism from School
  • Absenteeism from Workplace triggering backlog
  • Associated costs from absenteeism such as lost career opportunities
  • Costs of medicines not covered by private health insurance
  • General Lack of Interest in day to day living and inability to pursue hobbies
  • Loss of Confidence
  • Stress, Social Seclusion and Addiction to Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling  

It goes without saying that no amount of blog reading, medical consultations or trips to medical experts can address every individual situation leading to costs savings. However, what is the alternative- the simple answer is time wasted in activities of limited value addition to us personally.

Given below is the list of benefits which can easily be acquired in the convenience of our own spare time particularly by reading nonfiction blogs founded on Evidence Based Data and real Life Personal Experiences of Health Enthusiasts not necessarily from Medical background:

  • Increase in End User Relevant Skills and Relevant Knowledge which can be shared with loved ones
  • Increase in End User Confidence to deal with issues which others have already been addressed by people of similar age/skills/culture/food habits/ other similarities.
  • Easy application of relevant skills and relevant knowledge to real life situations with added advantage of anticipating a certain future outcome demonstrated by knowledge sharing people.
  • Increase in personal abilities to counter difficult life situations

Having demonstrated a few possible costs savings and flow on benefits of allocating some amount of weekly time in perusing quality content, it is now relevant to understand why we love saving costs for our blog readers:


A well-informed Community of family, friends, associates and acquaintances are unlikely to distrust our time and efforts in genuine people issues impacting quality of daily life.


Increased Stakeholder Trust in our Service Delivery Standards will lead to “Higher value Perception” and flow on Better Pricing of our current and future products and services.

Stakeholder Satisfaction and Referrals

Possible Improvement in personal health and well being directly/indirectly associated with our content will lead to more referrals and sharing, widening our possible target market and new subscribers.


Wider reach of stakeholders through organic and paid referrals enhances our ability to offer affordable high-quality content.

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